Jan 25
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FEAR NO LIT Call for Contributors

Fear No Lit is seeking contributors! If you love our other series (Visual Interviews, Fail Better, Show Your Work, Writers Watching Sports, Loose Change, Your New Best Friends, Learning How To Reading, Tweet Genius), and have an odd or offbeat idea about how to show readers a different side of their favorite writer, we’re all ears. Here’s a list of ideas we brainstormed over breakfast. See something that resonates with you? Send us an email (fearnolit at gmail) and let us know how you see it happening. We’re open to other ideas as well (the weirder, the better).

Series We’d Love To Feature:

  • Book Cover Reviews – Love ’em, hate ’em, can’t read without ’em. Do a monthly roundup, interview designers, pen a column trashing the covers of classic books.
  • What’s in Your Bag – IDK like bloggers do – ask a writer what’s inside their backpack/fanny pack/pencil case/messenger bag & report back with a photo.
  • The Offspring – Interviews with or by writers’ children. Maybe a writer’s kid asks them a bunch of questions. Maybe a writer interviews their kid about art.
  • Day Job – Talk to writers about jobs they have BUT ONLY OUTSIDE OF PUBLISHING/ACADEMIA.
  • Instagram Reviews – Review a writer’s work by only looking at their Instagram. Or reviews of journal/literary organization Instagram accounts.

You get the drift… We don’t have money to pay you (yet), but we will give you our platform and consider you very fearless indeed. You’ll get a prime spot on our Contributors page, we’ll boost your series on social media, and be forever in your debt.

About The Author

FEAR NO LIT wants to show you a different side of your favorite writer. Founded by Erin Dorney and Tyler Barton & based in Minnesota.