Oct 27

YOUR NEW BEST FRIENDS – EPISODE 6 (season finale!)

Episode 6 – Your New Best Friends Shuffle The Deck (Season Finale)

– Your new best friends say this is the season 1 finale!
– Your new best friends say to pull out your tarot cards, your pens, and your notebooks. We’re going to do some generative writing!
– Your new best friends say, we’ll see you in 2018.
– Your new best friends are messaging each other right now about how much they love the phrase apple garden.
– You can subscribe to your best friends’ tiny letter, which they’ll be writing in more while the show is on hiatus: https://tinyletter.com/yournewbestfriends/

Theme song by Scott Fenton & Jesse Ramsey
Hosted by Paul Asta and Megan Giddings
Produced by Jon Cameron
Support from Fear No Lit

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