Jan 29

New Year, New Contributors, New Fellowship

FEAR NO LIT turns five months old today. We started way, way back in September with two projects (Visual Interviews and Loose Change) that aimed to give readers unique perspectives on some of their favorite writers. In November we launched a trial run of a third series, Tweet Genius, where we take one incredible tweet and, using an interview with the writer, annotate the tweet like song lyrics. Erin and I were busy, but we got lonely doing all this stuff by ourselves. So, in December, we made a call to the lit community for weird series ideas. Pitches filled our inbox like presents. Your ideas were rife with risk and wildness. We were ecstatic that so many seemed to get what we were doing. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas with us.

We’re proud and excited to be adding the following series to the site in 2017:

Writers Watching Sports, by Tasha Coryell, is a monthly spot for writers to tell all about their most desperate, painful, or elated sporting moments, their weirdo superstitions, or their uncontrollable obsessions with a specific team or player.

Fail Better, by James Figy, is a monthly interview with a writer about the biggest failure they’ve ever created.

– Your New Best Friends, by Megan Giddings and Paul Asta, is a monthly podcast about literary fashion.  (Yes. You read that right.)

You can learn more about Tasha, James, Megan, and Paul at our new contributors page, where you’ll also find information about our new Tweet Genius-genius, Molly O’Brien.

If you’re going to AWP, we’d love to see you! Find us around the bookfair (at booths for VIDA, The Rumpus, Blue Earth Review, Sundress Publications) and anywhere something fearless is happening. Erin and I will be reading at Split Lip Mag + Sundog Lit Present FIGHTIN’ WORDS on Friday night. We’ll have stickers, FEAR NO LIT buttons, and information about the Submerging Writer Fellowship (have you heard?). Please track us down. You can always get in touch via email: fearnolit [at] gmail [dot] com, on Twitter (@FEAR_NO_LIT), or on Instagram (@fearnolit).

Stay tuned, stay brave, stay active.


About The Author

Tyler Barton is co-founder of FEAR NO LIT, a fiction editor for Blue Earth Review, an intern for Sundress Publications, a radio host for Weekly Reader, and a blogger for The Rumpus. His fiction has appeared in Monkeybicycle, NANO Fiction, Midwestern Gothic, Little Fiction, and elsewhere. Find his work at tsbarton.com. Find his jokes at @goftyler.