Jan 10

Show Your Work – Episode 10 – Laura Citino

Laura Citino explains how a prompt pushed her to write about a song she loves. How do you make an ekphrasis more than just a tribute to the art that inspired it? How do you tell a new story? Listen and learn.

Find her story, “What She Does When She Gets Lonely” over at Split Lip magazine.

Laura Citino is a fiction writer from southeastern Michigan. In 2013 she received her MFA in fiction from Eastern Washington University, where she was also Fiction Editor for Willow Springs. Her work has appeared in numerous journals in print and online, including Passages North, cream city review, Sou’wester, Gigantic Sequins, Pembroke, and others. She currently teaches in a program for academically talented youth and serves as Managing Editor for Sundog Lit. She lives in Kalamazoo, MI. More online at lauracitino.com.

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