Jul 05

Show Your Work (Podcast) – Episodes 1-3

Show Your Work is an audio project where writers of very short prose break down one piece of work—line by line, influence by influence, revision by revision—to tell the story of how it was made. Season 1 features: Pete Stevens, Kara Vernor, Michael Torres, Meghan Phillips, Dennis Herbert, Amanda Malone, Tyrese Coleman, Laura Citino, Kaj Tanaka, and Maggie Su. We’ve released the first three episodes and will release one a month until the end of the year. Show Your Work was produced by Tyler Barton.

About The Author

Tyler Barton is co-founder of FEAR NO LIT, a fiction editor for Blue Earth Review, an intern for Sundress Publications, a radio host for Weekly Reader, and a blogger for The Rumpus. His fiction has appeared in Monkeybicycle, NANO Fiction, Midwestern Gothic, Little Fiction, and elsewhere. Find his work at tsbarton.com. Find his jokes at @goftyler.