Feb 03

Visual Interview: Carrie Murphy

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Carrie Murphy is the author of the poetry collection PRETTY TILT (Keyhole Press, 2012) and the chapbook, MEET THE LAVENDERS (Birds of Lace, 2011). Her second full-length book, FAT DAISIES, is forthcoming in 2014 from Big Lucks Books. If these books are not at your local library, courteously insist that your librarian add them to the collection (it’s worth a shot). Series sponsored by Tellus360. Series inspired by Kara Haupt. Compiled by Erin Dorney and Tyler Barton. Photographs and text by Carrie Murphy: a) the first thing Carrie Murphy sees when she wakes up; b) a tree; c) where Carrie Murphy works; d) audience members listening to Carrie Murphy performing at a Three Tents reading in DC; e) carrots at a farmer’s market that Carrie Murphy may or may not have purchased; f) Carrie Murphy’s finger in front of the camera viewfinder; g) the elusive insides of Carrie Murphy’s refrigerator; h) leaves.

About The Author

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