Jan 06

Visual Interview: Scott McClanahan

scott dumpster steakundies trees desktop house

Scott McClanahan is a writer living in West Virginia and co-founder of Holler Presents. You can purchase Scott’s books off of Amazon or borrow them from your local library. If they’re not at your local library, ask the nice librarian to add them to the collection (yeah, you can do that). Series sponsored by Tellus360. Series inspired by Kara Haupt. Compiled by Erin Dorney and Tyler Barton. Photographs and quoted text by Scott McClanahan: a) Scott McClanahan; b) dumpster behind Scott McClanahan’s apartment; c) Scott McClanahan’s writing panties; d) disco steak by Mallory Whitten; e) Scott McClanahan’s backyard; f) Scott McClanahan’s groceries; g) apartment where people buy drugs at night.

About The Author

FEAR NO LIT wants to show you a different side of your favorite writer. Founded by Erin Dorney and Tyler Barton & based in Minnesota.